What a bummer…….

   I took the eldest back to his flat tonight. For some reason, I went via Headingley. I normally shoot down the motorway and then cut through estates to get to the city centre, so I don’t know why i went the way I did. Anyway to cut the story short, I got caught by a speed camera !!!  There I was, pontificating about the van driver, not using the bus lane when it is okay to do so, when the camera flashed. It flashed twice, so hopefully the van driver got caught too.  I came home via the motorway. Doing 70 all the way home, with cars flying past at God only knows what speed. No-one there to stop them, in the dark, wind and rain. Somehow seems a little unfair.

Home again

A ridiculous amount of rain this morning in Whitby. Made packing up the car a bit of a damp experience. The rain did not stop until we reached Pickering. Had a walk round, then onto a Garden Centre nearby. No purchases though.

Lunch at the White Horse at Deighton. Then back home to await the return of the youngest, and to wake up the eldest.