Why idiots ?

   It was one of those days again today, when the idiots seem to have the upper hand. I tend to lose it a little, when my so called colleagues (of whom I am forced to respect) have a ‘could not give a toss’ attitude. For example; we have a number of pre-printed standard forms. These forms are in boxes on an unused desk. They are marked up with the name of the form, and recently, I have put A4 labels on the boxes to explain what is in each box !!! You would think it be easy ….. form XXX goes in the box labelled form XXX. Is that too much to ask ???? I don’t think so. so why does someone put form XXX in box labelled form YYY ??? Rocket science ???

   When I said it was an unused desk, I forgot to mention, that this is the desk that they make the tea on. The only reason they make the tea at this desk, is that they always make the tea at this desk !!!!

   I cancelled the renewal of my car insurance today. I rang up, and told them I did not want to renew when the cover expired. The guy at the other end, asked me if he could see what deal he could offer me. I said no, I had got a better quote at £50.00 cheaper. Okay he said, and left it at that. I thought to myself, that he certainly did not fight for that.

   Youngest had a bit of a ‘episode’ tonight. No idea what kicked it off, but it took quite a while to bring down. To be honest, I don’t think he has fully calmed down yet. It is like he is a different person from the weekend. Mrs H gave him his medication, which I don’t think he needed, and I don’t thin k it did any good really.

   I got a facebook email from someone who used to work with us, must be at least three years ago now. I posted a friend request way back in April 2008, and she has only just logged back into facebook. I really liked her, but most people thought she was a bit odd (well she is Australian), and were surprised when she emailed me a few weeks after she left. I got comments like ‘I did not know they were that good friends’ … believe that if you will. What those people will think now, when status messages from her pop up on me profile. Interesting times ahead.

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