First run

   As the title implies, I did my first run this morning. Nothing major at first. The route I took is about a mile and a half, and I reckon I managed to run about 2 thirds of that. I don’t suppose that is bad for a first time, especially at my fitness level. I tended to run about 400 yards, then walk for a minute, then run another 400 or so. It will improve though, although I don’t think I will be running every morning. I think I may try three nights a week, after work, and then again on a Saturday morning.

   The new running shoes seem to be okay. They did not rub at all, and seemed to cushion my heel, which is what hoped for. I think the knee supports worked, I did not feel any discomfort while running.

Another week bites the dust

   Not a lot to say really. Work’s been a pain. I’m getting more and more fed up with the fools who think they are something.

   IT got it wrong again !! The software house was going to do the configuration this afternoon, but out lot had not done the work that was needed. Now it could well be, that the software house had not fully explained what was required. There should be a project plan, but I never saw one, so maybe I’m being a little harsh on our crew. Saying that though, the project leader at our end went home early today !!!! Makes you think !!