Nearly over…..

Only one more day, and my holiday break will be over. In some ways it doesn’t seem like a week, and in others it seems longer. I’ve not done much today …… come to think of it, I’ve not done that much all week.

Youngest has been fine for most of the day. Awoke in a bad mood, but I think that was a left-over from last night. He’s been quite reasonable this evening, and at the moment (10:30pm) he is laid in bed watching TV.

Downloaded a new IM client today to try. It is called ‘Digsby’. I have it set up, but I’m not too sure. The Twitter updates did not seem to come through as quick as they should. I did not get as far as setting up the facebook plugin though. This needs further investigation, and I think a good look though the help pages.

Eldest rang today. Mrs H was pleased, although she thought I had asked him to ring. As if. I don’t think he realises how much she misses him. I really do think, a couple of phone calls a week will keep her happy. He is supposed to be going out on Wednesday night, to a gig in York. I’ll, hopefully take him back to his flat on Thursday morning. He needs to be back for 8am, ready for the broadband coming. I hope that all goes well, and they get it set up properly. I wonder if he will come here on Tuesday for the quiz. If his friends go too, then it will be quite a good night again.

I think that is is for today. Three posts …… not bad going.

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