Cold calling …. don’t you just love them

When I say ‘love them’ ………

I got one yesterday. Knocked on the door around 3:30pm, I could see him through window, and knew at once, that he was selling something. And from the look of his clothes, he was not very good at it. I decided to have a bit of fun

I opened the door, and the guy took a step back, with one hand up.

Don’t worry … It’s nothing to get alarmed about” he said, with a big smile on his face.

“Why should I worry ?” I asked.

“I just like to reassure people. That’s all” was the reply. “I’ve come to upgrade your broadband.”

“And what broadband is that ?” I queried.

“Your Broadband is now free !!!!!” he announced. “Did a tall guy come on Friday to let you know ?”

“No !” said I

“Well your local exchange has been updated, and now it is free !!” he proudly announced.

So you assume that I have a broadband connection do you ?”

By this time he was beginning to look a little puzzled.

Who are you with ?” I asked

C******* W********.” he said.

How then can you upgrade my broadband ?”

Who provides yours then ?” he ventured.

S**. “ I replied.

Did you know that if you dial a number with S**, then it costs you 7p a call, even if you do not get through ?”

I’m not interested. Thank you.”

There then ensued another exchange of his views on why I should be interested, before I closed the door. I can’t think of any occasion when I would purchase anything from someone knocking on the door. I think it was a shock to find a male person answering the door at that time of day. It was the out and out lies or misinformation, that I object to. Lie number 1: ‘… local exchange has been updated’. The exchange has not been just updated. From what I could see on the website, that particular unbundling took place in July 2008. Lie number 2: ‘and now it is free’ . It is not free !!!! I would have to sign up to C******* W********, for my broadband, and from what I know, it is only the lowest package that is free. Lie number 3: ‘…cost you 7p a call, even if……’. It was that one that did it.

Just love them.

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