It seems to be getting easier

Mrs H took the youngest to see S****’s flat today. Well that was not the main reason for going, I suppose, and neither was taking the small table and chairs. No I think she had to go round for herself. Just to convince herself that he is coping. From what it sounds, he realised this and reacted accordingly. I just hope, that she gives it a lot longer before she rings up to go again. I can see him getting upset if she tries to go every week.

My pedometer arrived this morning. Apparently, it was sent on the 23rd July, but was left on someone else’s desk. A person who was on leave until today. Not that is much use. When I took if off my waistband when I got home, it showed that I had done 9 steps !!!! It looks like the Council has bought the cheapest it could find. Although knowing the way things operate in the Council, it probably was not the cheapest. I noticed straight away that the LCD screen was blanking out  when I was sat. I understand that all I need to do was start walking again to carry on the count. However, even the slightest brush of any of the buttons, and the thing resets. I have another one that I intend to use. I may complain, but as it will not do much good, I may not. I think I calculated, that I had done about 5,000 steps. I know I did 2,000, when I went out at lunchtime, and over the rest of the day it must have added up. It is still a long way off the 10,000 I should be doing.

Work was okay today. I managed to get through all I intended to. A bit less to do tomorrow, although I should be able to spin it out. S**** M******* did not say a word to me today. Spent most of the day talking to P***, so he wasn’t too pleased. It looks like G*** is applying for a temporary job to cover maternity leave. It is a higher grade, but the problem with temporary jobs is just that ……they are temporary. She will come back !!!! Like a bad penny as they used to say.

Done for now.

4 thoughts on “It seems to be getting easier

  1. It must be hard having a child leave home, my youngest sister , though she got on “ok” with my mother, now gets gets on very well with her, now she has moved out. I think the fact I now have a child, makes it harder for my mother, especially now it is 200 miles, she misses her grandchild. No doubt it will be aweful when my daughter moves out too !, but I guess that it what having children is all about, the , looking after and guiding, part, then the flying the nest,part, and them having to find their own path in life, whether they only live 5 miles, or a 1000 miles away, I guess home is still where the heart is though ! certainly is for me !


    • Hi Gareth. I think it must be a ‘mother-child-bonding-hormone’ thing. I certainly don’t feel as bad as the wife does.

      BTW. If you see this, can you let me know, as I don’t know if I am doing replies right at all.

      Cheers. Tony


    • Cheers bud. As for the pedometer. I think we were stitched up. The co-ordinator says we were sent a cheap ‘Christmas Cracker’ version. We are going to restart again next month with the proper kit. Tony.


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