Better put the bin out……

I feel quite tired tonight. It must be du to trying to sleep with one ear open, listening for the eldest to go to bed. He has to be up at 7:15 this morning, but he was still chatting to D*** at 3am. D** finally went home at 3:15. Eldest looked like death warmed up and gone cold this morning. Apparently, he did not look much better this evening. I know he’s young, but even so. He is out with the ‘ex’ and her mother tonight. They have gone to see Blood Brothers in Leeds. I hope he catches to last bus.

Work is still work. Getting grief from ‘kid’ engineers, who know little about nothing. But good ole Spike to the rescue …. all is serene. What would we do without him. Answers on a postcard no later than Thursday…… It is quite annoying, when you have been doing something for many years, without any issues, and some little upstart comes along and tries to belittle you.

No ‘work out’ today. It was raining at lunchtime, and I just could not be bothered when I got home. I’d been to Asda, as I had seen Jim Beam at £10.00 a bottle on Monday. Of course, the offer had finished by the time I went today. I really must learn to impulse buy sometimes, when there are good bargains to be had. It was the same with the shorts I saw at half price. by the time I had decided that it was a good price, they were back up to full price again. Missed out on a linen shirt for the same reason.

I think that is just about it for tonight. Must remember to put the dustbin out though …

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