Half way through…..

Yep !! It’s nearly half the way through 2009. We will all be starting to look at what we are going to do/buy/want at Christmas. Depressing isn’t it !!

So what’s happened since last time. Well not much really. Eldest lad is classed as ‘single’ on his facebook profile. He says they are just having a break for a while, and to be fair she did come to see his play and he did go for a meal with her and her family. He went out at 8pm last night, to go to the local fair, saying that he would not be late home. At 01:30am, Mrs H asked if he was home. So I had to txt him to ask where he was. ‘Staying at R****’s tonight. She is a friend from the drama group. Make of that what you will.

Talking of the play. The local drama group did an outstanding performance of Alan Bennett’s ‘Wind in the Willows’. He played the part of Ratty and it was excellent. He was on stage most of the evening, had the most lines and was prompting when they got it wrong. A real star.

I was asked to do some the promotional material, so it was my design for the tickets, posters and such. I was given a mention in the programme and a T-shirt for my efforts. I wonder if I will get asked again. If I am, I’ll have to get the details direct from the group, rather than hearing it second hand. It should stop any misunderstandings.

I’m getting a bit sick of hearing about Michael Jackson (not going to tag this). Okay he was a brilliant singer, excellent song-writer, fantastic dancer and an all round brilliant performer. On the downside, you only have to look at all those thousands of ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’  failures that the guy ‘inspired. They would not have been so humiliated had they not looked up to Jacko. And lets face it, away from his music, he was very weird.

I’ll tell you what makes me laugh at the moment, Celebrity Masterchef. It is how the Beeb describe the ‘celebrities’ . They get described as ex this and ex that. For example, this week, ‘Wendy Peters – Ex Coronation Street actress’. As if that is all she has ever done in her life was to play ‘Cilla’, when in fact she is a highly accomplished and well respected actor/actress.

That’s all for now.

Having a problem thinking of a title here……..

The Germany trip seemed to go very well. They all got back safely, and from all accounts, a good time was had by all. From the looks of his photos, there was a lot to do and see. I’m quite jealous now. I have a massive admiration for his teachers. All the kids are different and have different needs, but the teachers are so confident and laid back, that worrying was not an option (still did though, and would probably worry next time.)

I had a few days off, so that was good. Lunch out a couple of times, and managed to get a few jobs done. We were lucky with the weather for some of the time. Me and Mrs H did the quiz on our own last Tuesday. That was odd. We got a reasonable score, for us, and Mrs H had a joint win on the bingo. So now we have all three won that once, it must be time to win the Footie Card again.

Eldest lad has broken up with his girlfriend, so that is a bit of a downer for him. He says he is cool with it, but he must be …… well you know. I think it has been on the cards for a week or two now though. He is quite wrapped up in his drama this week. It’s an important major role this time. Second lead, and I think it may be his last role until after Uni finishes. He may find it difficult to get to rehearsals after he moves into his flat. The insurance we took out for him to drive, ran out last week, so he has not been able to drive since. Is that a factor in his break-up, or just a coincidence ?? I don’t know if me and the eldest will get to the quiz on Tuesday. He may have some more rehearsals. The shows first night is on Wednesday, so it may be pushing it.

I got my email to Computing’s ‘backbytes’ published. Of course I cannot show it where a certain person may see it, but it can be found here if you want a look http://tinyurl.com/muuetl. Last paragraph is mine. It only means anything if you know who Spike is, and what he is like (the link should be a ‘permalink.) I do like the Firefox add-on, that creates TinyUrl’s. Very clever

The storm blew out the majority of our power sockets at work today. As soon at the computers went down, they started…..”We can go home now…nothing to do”. God they are pathetic. all they seem to live for is excuses to stop work. I would lay money on it being a different case, if the buggers were on overtime when the power went off…… any takers.

The garden is looking quite good at the moment. My dahlias are coming on well, although a couple seem to be having bug problems. The Rocket that I planted 2 weeks ago is coming on well. I just need to ensure Mrs H does not eat it, before it is ready. I want to try growing peas, but in a container. As I understand it. the pot needs to be at least 6 to 8 inches deep, and the pea needs to be a bush variety. I will look into this further.

11:00 pm, and the youngest his having ‘an episode’. He’s been fine all day, except a bit at tea-time, but we have come to expect that. Latest thinking from ‘the experts’ is that his brothers moving out is ‘having an effect’. Where do these people get their ideas from. He would not know if his brother had moved out years ago. It would not have an ‘effect’. Autism doesn’t not allow kids like him to express that kind of emotion. And anyway, he has been like this a long time before his brother decided to move out. Experts…I would not pay them out in book tokens.

Nearly Wednesday…..

Well the pattern that was forming has gone through the window. Its been nearly 2 weeks since the last post. What has happened in that time… !!

Youngest son is currently in Germany with school. That was a major worry for us. Right up until the last minute, we were getting ‘No Germany!!’ from him. But he went, and the reports back sound like he has not had a problem. He is back tomorrow at around 21:30. It will seem very strange having him back. Almost as strange as him being away.

No its the eldest son that seems to be the problem at the moment.

Things do not seem to be going very smooth at the moment. The problem is, I think, that he feels that we should ‘let go’ a little, and allow him to be a 19 year old man. To this end I agree somewhat. However, what he needs to realise, is that he has to act like a 19 year old. Take tonight for instance. I receive a txt message asking when the last bus is. He knows this as every week we txt him the time of the last bus. so tonight he misses it. I get angry … his mum gets upset. He is going to crash at his mates flat, I hope. <<Latest News … he got to his mates>>.  I’ll have to set my alarm so I can let him in. I/we are not sure what is happening with his girlfriend. One minute there is no problems, then the next minute there seem to be lots of problems. Think he needs to talk to us more, but that ain’t going to happen.


Big problems at work. IT decided to rearrange the network drive structure. Result, our main software package stops working. I managed to login and hopefully fixed it, but there are still a lot of issues to sort out. It is going to be a difficult couple of days when I get back. Funny thing was, I felt like a real ‘techie’ being able to work from home. That could come in useful. It looks like the new laptop has paid for itself already. It was a bit slow, when I first tried logging in, but now it seems to be the same as at work. Although, opening some files does seem to take a while.

Quiz night at the Red Lion tonight. Mrs H won the Bingo… £13.00. Two calls, which was a bit disappointing. We managed to get 24 points on the quiz, which was our best result yet, and there were some hard questions. Did not bother with the footie card. We only won on that once, and it is not as much fun as the bingo or quiz. A bit miffed that the relief landlord was still there … he is a bit of a miserable sod. Eldest does not like him, and I don’t think many others do either. Seems to be a different atmosphere when P*** and S**** are away.