That is that week over then ….

This week went quite well. Better than expected at work, with no real problems that could not be dealt with. I had a problem with the Equita stuff on Thursday and Friday, but now we know what the problem is and have a work round, it should be okay.

Out for dinner with the in-laws on Friday evening. The Fox & Hounds at Walton. Very nice, only I would not have the 10oz beef burger again. The meat was tasty, but there was too much cheese on, so it did not melt properly, and as such, the burger became a little dry.

My new DVD re-writer arrived on Thursday. It was quite a bargain really. £16.99 from Spent a good hour at work on Friday (don’t tell anyone) trying to find drivers and installation details, as there were none with the unit. I installed it Saturday morning. It took just over an hour to do, and that included giving the PC a good cleaning to get rid of all the dust. I have yet to try and create a DVD, as we no longer seem to have any blanks. Morrison’s has a 50 piece spindle for £14.99, but I have an idea, the Tesco may have then cheaper. I may blog my experience with the installation on another page (if I can workout how to do it). I think I may have to blog straight from rather than use Windows Live Writer.

That will do for now, going to look for some DVDs.

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