It’s all going quite well

Saturday went very well. I seemed to do quite a bit of driving though. Wetherby and back at 7:00am, the East End Park and back, York and back, and East End Park and back again. It must have been around 75 miles in total. A nice birthday lunch at the pub near the outlet. It was the first time I have actually cleared the plate there !!! Haddock, chips and mushy peas. Washed down with a glorious pint of Jennings’ Cumberland Ale.

I have given up reading  the biog. It is good, but not quite what I expected. I am now reading ‘The Holy Thief’, an Ellis Peters ‘Cadfael’ novel. They really are a good read. I like this historical era.

Why do we still have this ‘Daylight Saving Time’ or ‘BST’. Lose an hours sleep now…gain an hour in Autumn. It is pointless in this day and age. They tell me it is safer when it is lighter in the winter mornings … sorry I don’t get it.

It does not look like Forte Free Agent is still available. I tried Xnews today, but I had difficulty working the controls. Every time I switched windows, all messages were marked as read and were cleared. Still it was not an installed program. It ran from an executable so I could just delete the folder. I will have a look on  FFA may just be on there site. Or possibly on that ‘last freeware’ site, that the Download Squad pointed me to.

Firefox had a security update yesterday. Firefox did not autoupdate. I’m not too sure if it does that. I will have to check. It did mess about with one or two of my settings though, which should not have done. Maybe they were ones I forgot when I created the new profile. That would explain it.