To blog or not to blog…..

When I found this blog site, I thought to myself  “This looks a lot more professional than the MSN spaces blog, and it seems easier to use than the Google ‘blogger’ site”. I really did not think I would be blogging so much. As with all things like this, I start with good intentions, and then fade quickly by day 4/5. MSN is case in point. The first week or two, I was adding a little paragraph everyday. Then it dropped off to twice a week, then once a week, and then once a month if I was lucky.

On here, I sometimes don’t know when to stop. However, I do sometimes have to force myself to start writing, and often I struggle for something to write. I am determined to keep it up though, and I do have my ‘Memories’ blog to continue, which should ensure that I write at least 4/5 times a week.

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