It continues …..

As Wednesdays go, I suppose it went. I did not have too much to do, but kept my head down, and was not very conversational. There are times when the conversation, with certain people, is just a little too much hard work. Of course, when I did pass a comment I was, to certain people, a miserable sod !!

We have one of the famous ‘tool-box talks’ tomorrow. Much fun!! Although to be honest, I have never been to one before. I just hope that we do not have an ‘ice-breaker’, or any role play, because I would not want to offends anyone when I do not join in.Ripon Cathedral

I got some stuff for my little ‘grow house’ as it seems to be called. Just a few odds and ends … seed trays and the like. I planted some salad leaves and some leaf beet. We will wait and see how it goes .. or grows even.

I’m starting with a cold. It should be in full swing by the weekend. I have only just got rid of the cough from the last one. But that life I suppose. 

Youngest seems to be in a reasonable mood tonight. He’s been out riding this evening, and seems to have had a good time. No incidents of any significance tonight.

Ripon Cathedral             

I took the picture on Sunday. I think it’s quite a good photo for a phone camera.