Thank God there are only three days left

Work was not as bad as expected. I think it was because I knew what to expect. I checked my email last night, so knew what I was getting into. There seemed to be a lot to do, but it helped that I did a ‘to-do’ list. I think I shall make a point of doing a list everyday (where have we heard that one before). Seriously though, I did seem to be more organised.

In a move that is typical of our offices. Reception, was today, selling buns, in aid of Red Nose Day 2009. I suppose it is in the spirit of the thing, but guys, Friday would have been better.

Youngest was awake at 04:15 this morning, and he was not in a particularly good mood. Always seems to be angry when he wakes these days. It does settle down after a while, but it is very tiring. He is still awake now (22:45), and angry again. I lost it a little. Pulling my hair out, if I had any. I think he does not want to go out with his support worker tomorrow. Why do I think that ? Well he said he didn’t. Could not have been any clearer. Nothing on the calendar, except the letter ‘J’. He knows.

The jury is still out on Twitter. On one hand, it is quite fascinating, seeing the messages from the celebs, but on the other hand, hardly ever answer. I think they must only see the ‘tweets’ from the people they follow. As such, the only ‘celebs’ that have replied, have been Blake and Julie Moore. I do not intend to abuse the following from those people. I wish old SF would add me as a follower. He said he would follow all that used the special ‘#tag’, so I wait and see.

I’ve just been looking at the calendar. Only 15 days, and it’s Blackpool. Just three of us this time. Eldest son, will not be with us. He has outgrown the family holiday. To be honest, he outgrew it before the last one, but we did not want to admit it. It will be a strange feeling with him not being there.

That is it for now.