You know, sometimes, not often, but occasionally, I get to thinking ‘Why do I bother with it’. Not life you understand, but this ‘social networking’ I have gotten into. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good laugh, and I do enjoy the ‘chatting’ and the silly games, but … what is the point?

There are some nice people and some very nice people, but on the other hand there are some ‘okay’ people and some not so nice people. I have steered clear of the latter category and the ‘okay’ people I can take or leave.

The problem I have is that, on some occasions, I just am not in the mood to ‘socialise’. It is then that I feel I am letting friends down (and some of them are friends, even though we have never met .. you know who you are.) Take tonight for example. On MSN, there are currently 2 people that I like chatting to. Facebook has another. I just don’t feel like it. Publish and be dammed !!!!!!!

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