Quiz night … not tonight Josephine !

Well from what I’ve heard, the tattoo was a success. I did not see it this morning, but it looked okay last night. No quiz tonight as he’s out in Bradford for the evening.

I did not get up until 7am this morning, but I was still in work for 8:15. This new link road is really good. It takes hours of my travelling time. I wonder if it will save on petrol. It should do, as I am not stopping and starting and can keep a constant speed up.

My old mate Carol is now on Facebook, so that will a good way to keep in contact. It sounds like she is having a good time. It would be nice to meet up and have a drink some time.

Another old mate/colleague got in touch today. David sent a reply to my message on Friends Reunited. I posted it about 3 months ago, but he’s only just picked it up. We first met in 1971 … OMG how old does that make me feel. It felt the same meeting up with Steve from Bradford, last week. I must do a reply to David very soon. It sounds like he is doing well for himself. I will also have to see if he has Rean’s email. I would like to get back in touch with these people. Who knows, someone, somewhere may have a bit of information on my old best mate, JT. A chain of contacts may prove very useful.

These social networks do seem to be good at keeping people in touch or even regaining contact with old friends. Mind you,some of the friends, may not have been that good friends when we parted, but that is all in the past.

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