First one…will there be more ??????

Well here we go. What to say.

Bloody postman sent my adaptor back to Cablestar, marked ‘No answer’. That is quite likely. Nobody stops in on the off chance that the postman might deliver a ‘larger-than-the-letterbox’ package. That is why they have their silly little labels advising you to go to the sorting office to pick it up. Or so I thought. Lets get it out-sourced, and the sooner the better. If they cannot do the job, given how much it costs now, then give it to someone who can.

A bit pissed that there seems to be a large number of  fake celebs on Twitter. I was following, what I thought was Russell Howard, turns out his Twitter name was ‘notrusshoward’. Caught again. This utility needs to get some form of verification on board.

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