It’s Saturday…or did you guess ?

The long awaited phone adaptor arrived this morning. It was in a padded envelope, about the size of a postcard with the thickness of a pen. As was proven today, it went through the letterbox without any problems. So why was it returned to the Post Office? I phoned to complain yesterday, and was told that ‘it will be investigated and I’ll get back to you’. I will not hold my breath.

Latest email from the Money Saving Expert, had links to free music downloads. Two whole albums of mp3’s. One by Marillion – Crash Course and a second by Hugh Cornwell (ex stranglers) called Hooverdam. Both sound very good from the little I’ve heard. The Marillion one was downloaded from the ‘iLike’ website.

Looks like my latest following on Twitter, “@wossy “is the genuine article. He Tweeted yesterday about his son having lots of friends round causing havoc, and then he mentioned it on the radio today.

Well I didn’t realise….

This is good. Using Windows Live Writer to write a blog on here. It’s just as easy as writing online. In fact is is easier and I can post the same blog to both blogs if I so choose. Oooh …… get me … with my sophisticated online presence.

So what will I post on here. Answers on a postcard to ………

Work was ok .. nope that won’t do…… not even I want to know about that.

Must think of a running theme. But not now.

First one…will there be more ??????

Well here we go. What to say.

Bloody postman sent my adaptor back to Cablestar, marked ‘No answer’. That is quite likely. Nobody stops in on the off chance that the postman might deliver a ‘larger-than-the-letterbox’ package. That is why they have their silly little labels advising you to go to the sorting office to pick it up. Or so I thought. Lets get it out-sourced, and the sooner the better. If they cannot do the job, given how much it costs now, then give it to someone who can.

A bit pissed that there seems to be a large number of  fake celebs on Twitter. I was following, what I thought was Russell Howard, turns out his Twitter name was ‘notrusshoward’. Caught again. This utility needs to get some form of verification on board.