I really do not get this football business at all.

Hypothosise that I am the manager of a company. I have a number of my ‘team’ are on sick, some long term. For some of my staff, the job is getting a bit too demanding for their skills and capabilities (they are not up to speed). Some of the guys are just not very good at the job. What should happen here ? Well, maybe i should put some form of ‘Sickness Monitoring Policy’ which will catch the shirkers ! Maybe I should retrain some staff for work that is better suited for them ! Maybe I should ‘cut out’ the deadwood ! Possibley the Company Directors should ingrease my budget to do this !

I football, we sack the manager !!! The team does not perform…we sack the manager!! We do not sack the slackers…we sack the manager !!

But hey, it seems to work! Leeds United sacked Kevin Blackwell earlier this week and what happens, they go and beat Birmingham on Saturday with a great score …. 3-2. I still don’t get it !!

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