Old Blogger Driving Rant

So, you are driving along the Motorway, in the left-hand lane. Traffic is heavy, but moving at 70+. Weather is grey and showery and you decide to leave a 2 car gap between you and the car in front. All goes well until (and they know who they are) a k**bhead decides that gap is just the right size to fit their oversized, overpriced V W Passat. So you slow down a little to increase the gap again, only to find that ‘Mondeo Man’ is in love with the V W man and needs to get in behind him. This usually happens when you are approaching a slip road to leave the Motorway. Could they not slow down as they get to the junction ?

And another gripe ! Why do the drivers of large juggernauts think they can pass each other ?? Example this morning: juggerhead one driving at 70 mph in left hand lane – not a problem – juggerhead two trying to pass him by driving at 71mph. Am I missing something here ? Then to cap it all, once they are level, they hit an incline and both slow down to 50 mph.

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